ਬੁਰੀ ਔਰਤ

buri aurat

Buri Aurat
Je tusiN mere shehar aavoge
te buriaN aurtaN di fehrist vich
mera naN vi darj paavoge
mere kol oh sab kuch hai
jo ikk buri aurat kol
hona bohat hi jaroori hunda hai
mooNh vich baldi agg hai
dil dadhkada hai
thirkadi meri rag rag hai
hathth vich chalkada jaam hai
pairaN thalle sadak hai
uppar khulla asmaan hai
mere kol sehan da
hausala hai
mere kol kehan da samaan hai

If you come to my city
you are bound to find
my name in the roster
of wicked women
I have all that it takes
to be as wicked
as they come
I have a goblet
brimming over
in my hand
My laughter is known
for its abandon
Flames find a home
in my mouth
My hear beats and
every nerve does
a little dance
The road is at my feet
And just the sky above
I have the courage to bear
and express myself without fear

Source: Nirupama Dutt is well known Punjabi Poet and Journalist. The translation is also done by her.
She has published one volume of poems – ਇੱਕ ਨਦੀ ਸਾਂਵਲੀ ਿਜਹੀ Ik Nadi Sanwali Jahi (A Stream Somewhat Dark) – for which she was awarded the Delhi Punjabi Akademi Award in 2000.She is part of many literary and women organizations in Delhi and Chandigarh.
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