Tobha Tek Singh by Saadat Hasan Manto

Cheekh by SL Parashar

Repost: Tobha Tek Singh is famous shorty story by Saadat Hasan Manto. He has been called the greatest short story writer of the Indian subcontinent. He was born in 1912 in Punjab and went on to become a radio and film scriptwriter, journalist and short story writer. His stories were highly controversial and he was tried for obscenity six times during his career. After Partition, Manto moved to Lahore with his wife and three daughters. He died there in 1955.

Rendition by Zia Mohyeddin (YouTube)

Rendition by Zia Mohyeddin (SoundCloud)

Hindi Text, Courtesy Frances W. Pritchett

Urdu Text, Courtesy Frances W. Pritchett

English translation by Aatish Taseer, Courtesy Random House Blog

Punjabi translation by unknown, Courtesy Punjabi Kavita